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Shanghai Superway Microelectronics was founded in 2006 in Shanghai. Guided by the principal of PRACTICAL, INNOVATION and SERVICE, We have been putting tremendous effort in R&D on products and technologies such as Microwave, Millimeter Wave, ultra-high speed backboard simulation and advanced IC packaging design in order to take EDA technology to a whole new level. We have achieved significant accomplishment in R&D on Millimeter technology through cooperation with state run research institutes and won the Second National Prize for Science and Technology Progress. Our technologies are widely used in Aviation and Aerospace industry. With many years of experiences in product research and development also in customer service, our technical team provides services in software platform building, component database development, product design and simulation consultancy as well as professional software technology training for customers. Shanghai Superway has established partnership with well-known software providers- Autodesk, Altium, CDS and Simberian. And that enables us to provide end-to-end solution for electronical product design and drives EDA technology from PCB design only to a complete electronical product design platform. Thus, it greatly increased productivity for simulation design and technical support.
  • Altium 九月线上研讨会精彩回放

    Altium 九月线上研讨会精彩回放尊敬的工程师伙伴们, 九月,我们为您带来4场往期线上研讨会的精彩回放,带您回顾Altium Designer的经典

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